Only 3 weeks to Drupal Camp

Drupal Camp Wroclaw will take place in about 3 weeks. We already know the plan for this year's



This year, we start on Friday at 10am with a Code Sprint when we will try to help to develop Drupal 8, Allegro module

and a FoodCoop system. The Code Sprints will be led by Jarek Sobiecki, Rafał Enden and Karol Bryksa. Meanwhile in

the next room, Karol Węcławski and Jarosław Bartman will hold a workshop on developing Drupal 7 templates. Due to a

bigger number of presentations, we will start these also on Friday at 15.30. Below you can find the schedule:

­­ Friday:

Room Dorota:

10:00­14:00: Drupal 7 theming basics

15:00­19:00: Lecures

Room Danuta:

10:00­14:00: Code Sprint (Drupal 8, Allegro module, FooDCoop System).

15:00­19:00: Drupal 7 basics workshop

­­ Saturday:

Room Teresa:

10:00­19:00: Lecures

Room Irena:

10:00­12:30: Lecures

14:00­18:00: Workshops

Room Ewa:

10:00­19:00: Code Sprint, BoF

­­ Sunday:

Room Teresa:

10:00­15:00: Lecures

Room Irena:

10:00­15:00: Lecures

Room Ewa:

10:00­17:00: Code Sprint, BoF


The rooms can be viewed here [1]

A detailed plan of workshops will be known when voting for sessions stops. You can still add your vote: [2]


­­ Organisational info:

We begin rejestration on Friday at 9.30. This year, due to a limited budget, we have a limited amount of t­shirts (who

gets there first gets one). We also want to remind you that all attendees have a discount in the Orbis hotel, where the

conference is held. Single room costs 209PLN and a double room costs 240. Breakfast is included. To get your

discount, please use a code "Politechnika Wroclawska" when registering. Reservations should be done via

email H3397­ [3]. The number of rooms available with a discount is limited and will be available only

untill 15.05.2015.


The conference is also a place where you can meet people from the biggest companies in Poland who support Drupal

community. Our sponsors are looking for employees and you can view job offers

here [4]


As every year, aprat from t­shirts, we offer prizes from sponsors. Traditionally, Helion book store offered books on

Drupal 7 basics and on Drupal 7 advanced programming. There will be a drawing of these as well as of

PHPStorm lisences and DigitalOcean hosting.


We are still looking for sponsors who could support the conference. Our sponsor offer can be found

here: [5]


The 2015 Drupal Camp Wroclaw conference is sponsored by: Droptica (diamond sponsor),

BlueHead (silver sponsor), X­coding (graphic design sponsor), Digital Ocean (prizes sponsor),

Helion (prizes sponsor) i PHPStorm (prizes sponsor).


We invite you to join us on 29th May in Wroclaw!